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My name is Gregory Jarrige, "Le Defrichoir" is the company I founded in april 2016.

Senior Developer, Consultant and Programming teacher , I have 30 years of experience on programming and urbanization of computer systems.

Certified PHP expert, specialist of the SQL language, the HTML5 standard and the Javascript language (including Node.js), technological survey is in my DNA.

The upgrade of application architectures, the refactoring and the modernization of legacy code, the transformation of monolithic applications into API servers, are part of my favorite subjects.

My experience as Programming Teacher led me to create courses covering many domains of the web development. My course materials are open-source (and in french only for the moment). People who want to self-train can use them freely.

Wishing to spread good programming practices, I wrote some articles for GNU Linux Magazine, around Javascript and SQL.

Passionate about digital arts and creative coding, I launched in June 2016 a meetup on this subject CreativeCodeParis. This monthly event gives to artists and developers the opportunity to exchange tips and tricks around graphics and sound programming. The subjects addressed during these events are listed in a Github repository. My personal research around creative coding are visible via the link labo.

During the 2019 year and the beginning of 2020, I work on the optimization of web applications driven by Node.js, optimizations that led me to use successfully new Javascript techniques like Promises, ES6 Modules, HTML5 WebWorker API (on the front side), Worker Threads API of Node.js (on the back side).

I am also actively working on the implementation of graphs driven by the Neo4j database, coupled with the Vis.js and Echarts data visualization frameworks

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